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    In today’s installment of “UPCYCLED,” we will teach you how to turn a vintage mirror into a chalkboard. This is a super-easy craft that you can even do with children or as a quick wedding or baby shower gift. The end result is an impressive and charming upcycled vintage mirror turned chalkboard that you can use in any room of your home. We plan to keep it in the kitchen as a fun menu board!


    UPCYCLED: Vintage Mirror


    Round Red 15" MIrror

    What You’ll Need: Vintage mirror (we found this one for just $3); chalk ($1); painter’s tape ($2); Krylon Chalkboard spray paint ($7.99 from Hobby Lobby); Valspar Crackle spray paint ($6.99 from Hobby Lobby); plastic bags and newspaper.

    Upcycled Vintage Mirror Supplies


    1) Wipe down the surface of the mirror well and apply the painter’s tape around the edges of the wooden frame.

    Painter's Tape Applied Before Painting Vintage Mirror

    2) Wrap the wooden edges of the frame in plastic bags, securing with the loose edges of painter’s tape. Lay down atop old newspapers in an open area outside.

    Vintage Mirror Ready for Chalkboard Paint

    3) As directed on can of chalkboard paint, apply several even coats to the mirror’s surface. Allow to dry completely before carefully removing plastic bags and painter’s tape from wooden mirror frame.

    Apply Chalboard Paint to Vintage Mirror Surface     Apply Chalboard Paint to Vintage Mirror Surface

    4) Now apply painter’s tape and plastic bags to interior of vintage mirror, completely covering the newly chalkboard painted portion.

    Apply Crackle Paint to Frame of Vintage Mirror

    5) According to directions on can of crackle spray paint, apply several even coats to frame of vintage mirror, allowing 10-15 minutes of dry time between coats. The more coats you apply, the larger of a crackle pattern you will see. We decided to keep ours pretty minimal.

    Apply Crackle Spray Paint to Vintage Mirror Frame     Apply Crackle Spray Paint to Vintage Mirror Frame

    6) After frame has completely dried, carefully remove painter’s tape and plastic bags from chalkboard. Voila! You now have an adorable kitchen chalkboard!


    Vintage Mirror Turned Chalkboard   Vintage Mirror Turned Chalkboard




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