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    When it comes to home decor, retro is the new black! We wanted to share 5 tips for retro decorating, using some of our favorite antique items and vintage collectibles from the shop.


    1) Select a theme.

    The first order of business is to decide on what theme or era you would like to channel. Fun and popular ideas include the 50’s, the mod look of the 60’s, or the bohemiam 70’s. Once you land on an idea, try to be as consistent as possible and keep to that particular time period.

    Vintage 1950's Hanging Lamp


    2) Make a focal point.

    You’ll want to create a focal point to draw people’s eyes as soon as they enter the room. This should be a large or bold piece from your selected theme, such as a couch, trunk, shelving unit, etc. We love this 1950’s Ethan Allen by Baumritter eight-piece dining room set, especially since most household memories are created around the dining table.

    1950's Ethan Allen by Baumritter Table


    3) Embrace prints and patterns.

    Yes, some retro prints and patterns can be a bit scary, especially if not used in moderation. To manage your use of prints and patterns, break them up with neutral solids in both your furniture and accent pieces.


    4) Mix the old with new.

    Trying to decorate an entire room strictly from a specific era can be tricky, so we suggest mixing the old with new. For example, showcase a vintage bottle collection on a modern shelving unit.

    Vintage Bottle Collection


    5) Show off a statement piece.

    Similar to the idea of a focal point, your room should feature a retro statement piece that reinforces your theme and serves as a conversation starter. This statement piece doesn’t need to be large or over-sized – just interesting. We love these vintage 1950’s fans!

    Vintage 1950's Fans


    What tips do you have from your personal experience? What are your favorite vintage items to decorate with?



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