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    In today’s installment of “UPCYCLED,” we will teach you how to turn vintage teacups into clean-burning soy candles. This is a super-easy DIY project for a rainy day, and the candles are a crafty touch to your home or a thoughtful birthday gift or wedding shower favor. Check out our inspiration from Pinterest:

    Pinterest Teacup Candles


    UPCYCLED: Vintage Teacups


    What You’ll Need: Vintage teacups (the white set with saucers were $10 at Vintage Depot; the smaller, clear set $6 at A Gal Named Cinda Lou); ArtMinds candle wicks ($3); wax (we chose ArtMinds soy wax and splurged on the 4-pound bag for just $20, although we only used half of it); pot (for boiling water); bowl (for holding and melting the wax); pens and pencils (to hold the wick up when you pour the wax).



    1) Gather all of your supplies.

    ArtMinds Candle Wicks and Soy Wax  Porcelain Vintage Teacups and Saucers from Vintage Depot  Vintage Glass Teacups

    2) Fill your pot about halfway with hot water and bring it to a boil. Gently set your melting bowl atop and regulate the temperature so that the boiling water does not overflow (about medium-high heat). Then, simply melt your wax! Two things to note: 1) No need to stir the wax – just let it sit until all melted (about 10 minutes); 2) Be liberal with how much wax you melt – it melts down to a fairly small quantity. To make 7 candles, we used about half of the un-melted 4-pound bag of wax.

    Melt ArtMinds Soy Wax  Melt ArtMinds Soy Wax

    3) While the wax is melting, place the wick in the center of your vintage teacup. Brace it on either side with a writing utensil – this keeps the delicate wick in place as you pour the wax in the next step.

    Place the ArtMinds Candle Wick  Place the ArtMinds Candle Wick

    4) Very carefully and slowly (so as not to nudge that wick!), pour the hot wax into the teacups. Tip: transfer the melted wax from the melting bowl into a Pyrex measuring cup with a spout.

    Pour ArtMinds Soy Wax into Vintage Teacups

    5) After the wax has fully set (approximately 3-4 hours at room temperature, though transferring to the refrigerator would speed that up considerably), be sure to trim down your wicks. The wick should not stand any taller than the top of the teacups.

    Trim the Candle Wick

    6) Ta da! Enjoy your beautiful new (um, “old”) vintage teacup candles!


    Upcycled Vintage Teacup Candles


    TOTAL INVESTMENT: $29.00 ($16.50 for the white set; $12.50 for the glass set)


    Get inspired with us on Pinterest!



2 Responses to UPCYCLED: Candles from Vintage Teacups

  • Debbie wrote on August 14, 2013 at 1:31 // Reply

    Did you glue the finished cup to the saucer? I’m going to do this!

    • VintageDepot wrote on August 14, 2013 at 2:42 // Reply

      Thanks, Debbie! We did not glue the cups to the saucers because we wanted to have options once the candles burned. You never know when the upcycle bug will strike next. However, if you wanted to glue we’re sure the standard glue gun would work here. Happy reading! P.S., we have lots of cups and saucers in the store in case you need them.


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