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    Shoppers often ask for a recommendation on local eateries. And Ron (the owner) has embarrassingly pointed them in the direction of fast food joints on Main Street. Fortunately, Springfield is host to not only the best antiques in the mid-west but also some really tasty local cuisine. We decided to put together a list of places we think best represents Springfield, Ohio:

    #1: Mike & Rosey’s Deli

    Best described as a “local treasure” and we couldn’t agree more. The food here is great and the prices are well fitting for what you receive; we can promise you won’t leave here unsatisfied. Along side their food items, Mike and Rosey’s carries a wide selection of wine and beer, which go wonderfully with the warm atmosphere they provide. Located only a short drive from the shop at 330 W. McCreight Ave, we recommend Mike & Rosey’s to anyone looking for an old school deli dining experience.

    #2: O’Connor’s

    If you’re looking to relax from your day of antiquing or you’re just taking your family out for a good meal, we recommend O’Connor’s Irish Pub. O’Connor’s is the place to go when you’re looking for some steak, burgers, and wings, all at very reasonable prices. O’connor’s has a full bar and a brand new location on the north side of Springfield ( 2200 N. Limestone St ).

    #3: Schuler’s

    Schuler’s Bakery has been one of Springfield’s hidden gems since 1937, when they introduced us to some of the best donuts found in the state. Their donuts are made fresh daily with no added preservatives. They have three locations (457 E Main St., 1911 S Limestone St., and 2968 Derr Rd) which are located conveniently on all sides of the city. Schuler’s Bakery is the perfect place to grab some sweets along your antiquing adventure.

    Did we miss your favorite local restaurant? Let us know in the comment section!


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    We’ve completed more than our fair share of DIY jobs over the years, so we’d like to share some keys to a successful upcycle project for you craft enthusiasts. Ultimately, the best projects involve the following four T’s: tools, temperature, time, and talent.

    TOOLS. By far, the most important element of a successful upcycle project is having the right tools for the job. Without the proper tools, the project can take much longer than expected, potentially damage the piece you’re working on, and create major headaches. Before you get started, ensure you have the right tools. Either make the investment or borrow them from someone else (just make sure you give them back when done!).

    TEMPERATURE. Living in Ohio means you have to deal with crazy weather. It could be 60 degrees and sunny one day, then cold and snowing the next (which literally happened last week). This means that projects are often put on hold due to Mother Nature. If your workspace is not climate controlled, you could freeze your butt off while sanding or end up waiting forever for paint to dry (in fact, certain materials can only be applied above 50 degrees). Just keep your cool (pun intended!) and be patient. Learn to take advantage of those sunny days and use the down time on dreary days to research your next project.

    TIME. Ok, so you have the right tools and great weather… now you just have to find time to complete the project. Keep in mind that upcycling a piece is not an overnight job. There are usually several steps involved (e.g., disassembly, sanding, stripping, painting, re-assembly, etc.) and many steps require down time. We often piece-meal our work. Meaning, we start one step then call it a day until we find the time to complete the second step. Rinse and repeat until all the steps are complete (hey, that rhymed!).

    TALENT. We’re sure you’ve seen some fabulous projects on Pinterest. Trust us, for every awesome project posted there are several others that didn’t turn out so well. We’re not saying this to discourage you, but you were not born a carpenter. This is a skill that requires lots of practice and years of experience. Remember that old saying, practice makes perfect? We often recommend to our customers that they take the time to research their project inside and out, and to start off small before diving into larger and more expense endeavors. Ron, for example, has been upcycling for over 40 years!

    When you tackle your next project, just remember the four T’s! What’s next on your DIY list?